MUZISHARE X30 300B 845 클래스 A 싱글 엔드 튜브 통합 앰프 및 파워 앰프

MUZISHARE X30 300B 845 클래스 A 싱글 엔드 튜브 통합 앰프 및 파워 앰프
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Product Model: MUZISHARE X30
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technology overview 
The exterior design is stable and atmospheric, with a combination of form and meaning, which runs through the standard of Meishi's traditional precision craftsmanship. It is fully handmade and welded, with piano bright baking paint technology. The 16mm aviation aluminum high gloss precision drawing panel+8mm all aluminum whole paving precision drawing bottom platform has a stable and atmospheric appearance, and the harmonious integration of technology and classical beauty.
Super fever grade materials are used, including Japanese NIPPON Black Diamond fever grade audio dedicated reservoirs, NICHICON Nijikang electrolytic capacitors, German original MUNDORF Mondorf m-cap gold and silver foil capacitors, American MULTI-CAP RTX series audio dedicated capacitors, Teflon copper gold-plated vacuum tube seats, Pomo nickel alloy balance transformer cows, and so on. Every step is carefully considered from the acoustic concept, only to interpret the X30 "Danhuang"
true meaning

X30 is designed specifically for enthusiasts who pursue high quality and taste. We have specially developed a customized output transformer, which uses two Japanese EI type wide frequency response iron core output transformers, high-precision low leakage inductance multi-layer cross layered 0.35 thin silicon steel plate cross winding and high-temperature insulation 6N imported copper wire inter pole isolation winding. This output transformer is made of special materials and designed to match the unique circuit of X30, giving X30 better full frequency performance; The high-power Z11 iron core circular power transformer specially developed for this machine has a frequency response of less than -2DB at 20HZ-20KHZ during zero return transmission, excellent bandwidth response, particularly low distortion, greater driving force, and a spacious and elegant sound, full and round, with a more daring taste;

This machine adopts an inter stage transformer coupling driving circuit design; The first stage uses two imported Czech JJ ECC81 for signal amplification and two replica Xidian 310A for propulsion. The second stage is driven by 310A for 300B, and the third stage is driven by cross-linked transformer 845, and the output is completed by the output cow; This classic combination is a perfect match, among which the 310A and 300B are the most classic and legendary, once the most successful representative work of Xidian at that time. The X30 uses the 310A with the specially customized and reproduced Xidian 300B high-efficiency direct heating triple tube, creating an exquisite and beautiful sound that does not eat human fireworks. This combination has excellent driving force, with delicate and smooth sound, ethereal and elegant, and the density of the sound line is fine and smooth, with full tension; The third level of Niujin entrusts the 300B agile musical notes to the specially crafted cross-linked transformer drive 845, resulting in a wider frequency response, better extension, better control, full and transparent sound, clear contour lines, and a clear and elegant sound. The sound is also dynamic and powerful, driving the food speaker effortlessly.
Using American 12AWG single and multi-strand fever wires for connection; According to the tuning of the tone, a specially customized choke ring ensures the most reasonable filtering of high voltage and filament, enhancing the low-frequency bounce force, control force, and imaging power. Most of the internal components are high-end original factory imported components with high voltage delay and mute delay circuit design (about 30 seconds); The specially designed bias compensation circuit can maintain a stable working bias voltage for the X30 strong discharge tube; Simultaneously equipped with hum adjustment Hum Bal, Function, enthusiast pad love, more professional and feverish. Peripheral power transistor bias adjustment knob and current display and dynamic output level UV meter head;

Characteristic specifications
Local Features
1. Pure handmade, the entire machine is welded under a canopy
2. Two EI type single ended output transformers made of Z11 iron core with special craftsmanship and high-quality broadband response.
3. A high-power power transformer using a Z11 iron core and special material fusion.
4. The front stage uses two ECC81/12AT7 and two 310A vacuum tubes each; The propulsion part adopts two 300B electronic tubes and a propulsion transformer coupled to the rear stage, with a full, round and dynamic sound.
5. The rear stage uses two 845 vacuum tubes for Class A single ended power amplification
6. Five sets of signal inputs (BLANCE, CD, LINE, PHONO, PRE IN); This machine has specially added balanced input function and pure post stage function
7. We use Japanese NIPPON Black Diamond fever grade audio dedicated electrolytic capacitors NICHICON, German original MUNDORF Mondorf m-cap capacitors, and American MULTICAP series audio dedicated capacitors. Teflon wrinkled copper plated vacuum tube holder, Pomo silver alloy balance transformer 8, external power tube current adjustment knob, current display and dynamic output level UV meter head.
9. Select Japanese ALPS high-end motor potentiometer
10. Power-on high-voltage delay and mute delay function (approximately 30 seconds)
11 has MM and MC playback functions.

technical parameter
Rated output power: 30W+30W
Input sensitivity: Merge: 200mV Balance: 180mV PRE IN: 1200mV MM: 5mV MC: 0.5mV
Harmonic distortion: 1% (1KHZ)
Frequency response: 15Hz~35KHz (-1.5dB)
Signal to noise ratio: 92dB
Left and right output balance:<1dB
Output impedance: 4Q, 8Q16 Q
Power consumption of the entire machine: 350W
Input impedance: RCA: 100KQ
Balance: 600QMM: 50K
MC: 100K
Using vacuum tubes: ECC81 * 2, 310A * 2, 300B * 2, 845 * 2
Overall volume: 470x435x285 (mm)
Power supply voltage: -115V/230V+5% (50HZ)
Working conditions: Temperature: 0C~40C
Humidity: 20%~80%
Storage conditions: temperature -20C~70 ° C
Humidity: 20%~90%