MUZISHARE R100 300B 푸시 845 211 805 싱글 엔드 클래스 A HiFi 튜브 앰프 밸런스 및 포노 출력 업그레이드

MUZISHARE R100 300B 푸시 845 211 805 싱글 엔드 클래스 A HiFi 튜브 앰프 밸런스 및 포노 출력 업그레이드
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Product Model: MUZISHARE R100
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R100 new upgraded version upgrade content:

1. ALl the tubes is specially customized by MUZISHARE.
2. The internal circuit is optimized, the high-precision wire wound resistor is upgraded, and the choke is upgraded to a fully shielded Z11 iron core single crystal copper choke.
3. Add high-sensitivity infrared remote control function.


Technical points:

1: The shape design is full of technological sense
2: Independent research and development of dual-power adapter power supply, independent high-voltage filament design, high-voltage power supply and filament power supply independently use two imported Z11 iron core high-efficiency power cattle, and the output transformer uses two imported Z11 iron cores with wide frequency response EI single-ended output Transformer, core winding segmented multi-layer cross-winding technology, high-precision rail regulator circuit, filter circuit.
3: All the components in the machine are imported parts, using 12 1200UF Japanese NICHICON audio filter capacitors and 4 German special 0.22UF silver film audio coupling capacitors, and the United States high-purity single-core copper shielded wire. Japanese five-color ring high-quality resistors.
4: Power-on high voltage delay and mute delay circuit design; 5U4G front stage vacuum tube rectification, the front stage uses two 12AX7 and 6SN7 vacuum tubes, and the driving part uses two 300B vacuum tubes to be directly coupled to the rear stage.
5: Ad hoc American standard true balanced audio input; excellent MM phono amplifier circuit, phono performance not lower than imported 10,000 yuan independent external phono amplifier quality; can also be used as a pure post-level use.
6: Japanese high-precision level current dual-purpose meter, original high-resistance low-resistance meter needle sensitivity circuit design
7: Power tube bias current adjustment Bias Adj. Hum adjustment Hum Bal, more professional
8: Tube seat soldering positioning technology
9: Dapai Series


Features of this machine:

1. Purely handmade, the main circuit is welded by scaffolding.
2. Two EI-type single-ended output transformers with high-end special craftsmanship, high-quality wide-frequency response and high-quality made with Z11 iron core.
3. High-voltage power supply and filament power supply independently use two Z11 iron cores and high-power power transformers fused with special materials.
4. The front stage uses two 12AX7 and 6SN7 vacuum tubes; the driving part uses two 300B vacuum tubes to be directly coupled to the back stage, with full and delicate sound, good analysis, abundant dynamics, and open atmosphere.
5. The latter stage uses two 805 or 845 or 211 vacuum tubes for class A single-ended power amplification.
6. Six groups of signal input (PHONO, LINE1, LINE2, LINE3, BALANCE, PRE IN); this machine has specially added balanced input function and pure post-level function.
7. Power-on high voltage delay and mute delay function (about 30 seconds).
8. Select Japanese ALPS high-end potentiometer.
9. Plug-in vacuum tube protective cover for easy installation.
10. Peripheral power tube bias current adjustment function and power output level meter sensitivity selection file.
11. The sound is soft, pure and sleek, suitable for enjoying various music types.


Technical parameter:

Rated output power: 805=50W+50W(RMS)
Harmonic distortion: 1% (1kHz)
Whole machine frequency response: 15Hz~35kHz (-1.5dB)
Input sensitivity: 805=240mV
Pure power amplifier: 1000mV
Input impedance: 100KΩ
Output impedance: 4Ω 8Ω 16Ω
Signal to noise ratio: 92dB
Left and right output balance: <1dB
MM input impedance: 51KΩ
MM voltage gain (1KHz): 40dB
MM RIAA bandwidth: 0.25dB 20Hz to 20KHz
Net weight: 42kg
Gross weight: 48kg
Whole machine power consumption: 450W
Use vacuum tube: 12AX7×2, 6SN7×2, 5U4G x 1, 300B×2, 805×2 (845×2, 211×2)
Overall volume (W×D×H): (430 x 435 x 275) mm
Power supply voltage: ~230V±5%(50Hz)/~115V±5%(50Hz)
Working conditions: Temperature: 0℃~40℃
Humidity: 20%~80%
Storage conditions: Temperature: -20℃~70℃
Humidity: 20%~90%


MUZISHARE R100 300B push 845 211 805 Single-ended Class A HiFi tube Amplifier Balance & Phono output Upgraded