LINLAI WE845 Western Electric 클래식 복제 하이엔드 진공관 전자 밸브 일치 쌍

LINLAI WE845 Western Electric 클래식 복제 하이엔드 진공관 전자 밸브 일치 쌍
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In the early 1930s, in order to stand out in the competition with the vacuum tube industry giant American Western Electric, the American RCA company launched the first high-power triode vacuum tube - RCA845, with a push-pull output of 60 watts of power, and successfully Volume is maintained to an acceptable level. In 1937, not to be outdone, the Western Electric Company of the United States launched the WE284A, which became the new 845 vacuum tube benchmark with basically similar electrical performance parameters and a more lively and unrestrained sound. However, at that time, the demand for such high-power vacuum tubes in the world's industrial electrical field was not strong, especially for the American Western Electric Company, which mainly focuses on military, communication and theater projects, it is not wise to extend too many product lines in the civilian field. As a result, the WE284A and subsequent models were not mass-produced, and the surviving WE284 left for future generations was even less, and the price was skyrocketing. But in any case, WE284 is a page worth highlighting in the history of high-power audio vacuum tube development, and has set an insurmountable sound benchmark for the Galleon 845 since then. The story about Xidian 211 also has the same purpose. Western Electric's WE242C, which was finalized in 1948, also used GE VT4C as a transcendence template, and also won in terms of sound expressiveness.

Just like the engraving of other models of classic vacuum tubes, Lin Laizhi's engraving work on 845 and 211 is equally rigorous and elegant. From the first day of obtaining the original process drawings, Lin Lai's technical teams at home and abroad have devoted themselves to both traditional and innovative research and development around the structure, materials, chemical formula and many other production links. A year and a half later, in December 2018, under the premise of integrating the respective advantages of WE284A and RCA845, the first WE845 prototype was born, which was immediately sent to senior reviewers for audition and was highly praised.
LinLai WE845 Electronic Tube Tasting Report
Reference: American original WE845 produced in the early 1960s.
Appearance evaluation: The body is straight and generous, the transition curve is accurate, flawless, and it is very fond of it. It is basically the same as the original American WE845. The craftsmanship is even better, and it is a peerless craft treasure.
The sound field is atmospheric and stable, with strong musicality. The positioning of various instruments is very accurate. The spatial sense of the sound field is noble and elegant, with a touch of sunset afterglow and faint dusk feeling. All kinds of information are sufficient and smooth, the sound field is wide, the positioning of each part is accurate, you can feel the depth of the sound field and the shape of each instrument, and the low-frequency energy is full. The sound is round, and you will not feel the 'turbid' feeling from the music it performs and reproduces. The sound field is solemn and generous, and the notes permeate the elegant and noble style of the emperor!
The treble is slender and euphemistic, with strong penetrating power. The triangular iron in the percussion in the symphony, the performance of hitting the bell gives an ethereal and real feeling, and the brightness is moderate, without producing a dull feeling. The texture of the violin is in place without the slightest burr. Agile and smooth, the overtones are perfectly reproduced, and the overtones of the violin are just right.
The alto is rich in harmonics, the sound bottom is quite thick, the harmonics are very rich, and the rhythm is strong. When playing strings and vocals, it is true and natural. The singer's pitch changes and emotional inflections are natural and beautiful, very appealing, and the vocals are beautiful. Tooth and throat homonyms are plump and layered, pure and beautiful, full of courage, and charming.
The bass is strong and powerful, and although the output is only 18 watts of power, the power is moderate, and the rhythm is strong and clean. The damping characteristics are good. The resonance of the cello and bass drum in the orchestra is very good. The rhythm is clear and the energy is full. Playing a large dynamic symphony is very exciting.
Result language:
After tasting LinLai 845 series products, her appearance, quality and sound have changed everyone's understanding of domestic bile ducts. If you are not wearing 'tinted glasses' to see things, then She is one of the most comprehensive and best-sounding 845 models in the world that I have heard so far. It is comparable to the original 845 in the United States. ! Her timbre, sound quality, and appearance really have the connotation and quality of high-grade tubes. It will definitely be highly rated and loved by many enthusiasts.
Written; Senior Reviewer
This experience only represents the author's personal opinion and does not constitute an argument basis. It is for reference only.
LINLAI WE845 Western Electric Classic Replica Hi-end Vacuum Tube Electronic valve Matched Quad(4pcs)
LINLAI WE845 Western Electric Classic Replica Hi-end Vacuum Tube Electronic valve Matched Quad(4pcs)
LINLAI WE845 Western Electric Classic Replica Hi-end Vacuum Tube Electronic valve Matched Quad(4pcs)
LINLAI WE845 Western Electric Classic Replica Hi-end Vacuum Tube Electronic valve Matched Quad(4pcs)