BADA High Fidelity OCC Speakers Cable Banana Plug

BADA High Fidelity OCC Speakers Cable Banana Plug
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Product Model: BADA High Fidelity
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Product Declaration
Product Name:High fidelity speaker cable without terminal
Model:2.5meter(without terminal)

Bada high fidelity series-speaker cable
Five-star shape desing,use OCC,new improvement to sound.
1. cross-section of cable use patent technology of five-star-shaped, high-purity single crystal oxygen-free copper conductor. In the case of the same consumption of copper, its surface area increases, thus reducing the skin effect of high-frequency,improve transmission capacity of high-frequency signals,fine and clear treble.
2. wire use high-purity single crystaloxygen-free copper, each wire is composed by a grain of crystal, the internal has no crystal interface, reducing the collision loss and distortion at the time of signal transmission, smooth audio signal. will also reduce interference generated by the signal fluctuations,treble is fine, clear.
3. Uses form of combination of single and multi-unit,treble and mediant,bass music signal can be transmitted balanced. At the same time,wire using four groups of round arrangement, can offset electromagnetic vibration and interference between cables.
4. Do not increase the extra cost,simple and environmental protected package,make the cable more super-value,can challenge high price product.
Speaker cable
Use no-plug design,connect the speaker cable directly to amplifier and speakers,reduce the contact lose and distortion between contacts(singnal go throuhg speaker cable to welding,then to terminal,will generate big lose and distortion),the music resolving power is especailly good,position clear,the low frequency is powerful.Listening compare that any high grade speaker cable ,even use high level terminal,the should quality will be discounted.
RCA cable
Uses high-grade low-loss RCA plugs, wire welding uses Bada’s unique zero-contact silver solder, wire and terminal make a smooth transition make high frequency signal scattering be the smallest, music is balanced, loyalty to restore.
Power cord
Selects high quality big current plug,use non-welding design,reduce the lose between weldings,it’s good for the power’s direct transmission,enhance the control force of audio equipment,the low-frequency is thicker,the sound field is wilder.
Smart selection,all-around upgrade.