LINLAI E-212 Vacuum Tube 1:1 replica Western Electric 212E Electronic Tube Matched Pair

LINLAI E-212 Vacuum Tube 1:1 replica Western Electric 212E Electronic Tube Matched Pair
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LINLAI E-212 Vacuum Tube 1:1 replica Western Electric 212E Electronic Tube Suitable For Vacuum Tube Amplifier Audio

Taste the latest LINLAI hook E-212 vacuum electronic tube

LINLAI E-212 vacuum tube is known as the "crown" of the vacuum tube amplifier and the bright "diamond" on top of it in the field of audio vacuum tube amplifier. It is an immortal classic, a legend, and highly sought after by music lovers. On the basis of WE (Western Electric) 212E, "LINLAI" has made comprehensive optimization and improvement on it:

1、 Change the filament structure from spring support to hook fixed support. This process is extremely difficult. The gap between the support points and the high rigidity should be handled very well. A slight carelessness is a waste. The E212 of "LINLAI" is the hook filament technology, so the "fineness" and "nobility" in his voice are far higher than the 212 of other brands.

2、 The two sides of the screen pole are specially equipped with heat sink slots. 1. It can help heat dissipation. 2. It can make the electronic cloud inside the tube reduce the "bathhouse" effect, make the sound more accurate and clear, and completely overcome the phenomenon that the sound of many brands 212 is slightly "mixed".

3、 Four thick support rods support the tube core, and the structure is as stable as a rock. This solid support structure ensures the safety and stability of the vacuum tube during transportation. If mica chips are added to fix the pipe core for shockproof, the sound will become dull and inflexible, lacking "aura", so it is not advisable. 4、 The screen surface is sprayed with "LINLAI" exclusive special process material: high-efficiency heat dissipation coating, which can make the screen consumption of the tube reach more than 200W, and there is no "screen red" phenomenon at this time., After five days and 120 hours of continuous "power on" and test performance, the parameters are stable.

Suggestion: when used for single-end output, the screen voltage is 1050-1100V, the screen current is adjusted to about 100mA, the screen consumption is controlled at about 120W, the load impedance is 3.5k Ω, the sound is the best, and the output power is about 32W., Test with test scanner imported from Germany: high voltage 1200V, screen current 150mA, screen consumption 180W, main parameters: distortion less than 1.5%, output power greater than 40W, signal-to-noise ratio>95db, tube white noise 0.007mv, The vacuum tube amplifier made of "LINLAI" E-212 vacuum tube is used to listen to music. The sound is good, the music scene is beautiful, and the music atmosphere created is amazing. It is hard to stop, stable, noble, and elegant. What is magnificent is the temperament of LINLAI E-212 electronic tube is vivid, real, and kind. It is her bearing, especially the accurate control of the details of the flood sound and weak sound, which is the soul of LINLAI E-212. Use "LINLAI" The electronic tube amplifier made by E212 has a very wide sound field, elegant and refined sound quality, and the rhyme and overtone are exactly the same, accurate and in place, with first-class balance, and various styles. The female voice is affectionate and charming, and the male voice is just and positive, steady and heroic, bringing a "detached" audition feast that comes from life and is higher than life! Relaxed speed, fast and accurate and with "philosophical" performance, can make people feel calm and daydream. The response and analysis of each frequency band are excellent, and the primary and secondary contours in the music are clear, The "visibility" is very high and the focus is accurate. The interpretation of piano and violin is crystal clear, the strings are wiped and the bow is moved, and the fingers are dropped. When performing classical music and symphony, it is noble and elegant, stable and delicate, and the scene is rigorous and gorgeous. Due to the large output power, the damping coefficient is good, and the low frequency diving force is clean and clear. When playing large-scale symphony, it is overwhelming, and the magnificent scene is breathtaking and soul-stirring.

Conclusion: After testing the parameters of the "LINLAI" E-212 and listening to it on the Vacuum tube amplifier, my personal conclusion is that the E-212 vacuum tube is not only a legend in the vacuum tube art circle, but also the ultimate "dream" pursued by many enthusiasts for sound. Once possessed, there is no other ideal state. The "LINLAI" E212 is my favorite of all kinds of 212 vacuum tubes I have heard. Its parameterization and excellent sound beauty make me "moved", make me want to go, and it is worth my "pursuit". The appearance of "LINLAI" E212 vacuum electronic tube makes people like it“

Buy 2 pieces, 4 pieces, 8 pieces = Precise pairing (matching group). No parameter drift.(Note to buyer: 1 piece without original packaging