G&W TW-7.1D power filter purifier socket clean Hi-Fi audio USB

G&W TW-7.1D power filter purifier socket clean Hi-Fi audio USB

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G&W TW-7.1D power filter purifier socket clean for Hi-Fi audio with USB output Brand New

G & W TW-7.1D advanced audio special purifier, set the culmination of the technology, the use of inductance capacitance common mode differential mode filter, the circuit board with 3 ounces of thick copper foil, the new DC circuit technology, audio equipment Noise and power consumption reduced, significantly improved filtering effect, with anti-lightning function, so that the quality of sound and image quality has been greatly improved. TW-7.1D-type advanced power purifier with cold rolling steel processing submarine blue plastic powder shell, fine drawing of aluminum front panel with blue LED display digital meter, in line with the modern people's quality of life, to meet the pace of the times.

The new TW-7.1D also comes with dual 5V2.1A intelligent fast USB charging interface, which uses intelligent control chip, according to the connected device intelligent matching charging parameters, while the two devices can also provide 5V2.1A high-speed charging, To ensure your safety while saving you more valuable time, to bring you faster, better charging experience. The charge for mobile phones, tablet PCs, charging Po, Bluetooth speakers and other equipment charging.
Basic parameters:
1) Scope: all mobile phones, tablet PCs, rechargeable Po and Bluetooth speakers.
2) Input voltage: 120 ~ 240VAC
3) Output voltage: 5V2.1A x2 group
4) safety assurance: circuit with isolation transformer output, independent grounding circuit, metal fire shell
5) Material: pure copper chrome reed, mating times> 50000 times
6) between the two USB socket LED light work can be lit to charge.