Cayin CS-20 RCA Glod RCA to RCA Connector Hifi Audio Cable 1.2M Pair

Cayin CS-20 RCA Glod RCA to RCA Connector Hifi Audio Cable 1.2M Pair

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CS-20RCA with high purity copper (OFC) aluminum shield as a conductor with high density woven shielding net plus extra thick metal shielding and isolation of wire rod, to control the electric field and magnetic field and electromagnetic induction and radiation. Because of shielding from external circuits or systems such as electromagnetic interference and internal electromagnetic wave plays an energy absorption (eddy current loss), reflection energy (reflection of electromagnetic waves on the interface of the shield and energy (on) offset by electromagnetic induction electromagnetic shielding layer in the reverse role). The use of multi strand core wire copper wire (OFC) as the conductor, the specific shape and structure are arrayed in a unique way, technology of winding, effectively improving the transmission capacity of the music signal, in order to let the oxygen free copper wire conductor (OFC) the close combination of signal transmission more smoothly, especially the high density plastic 100 as a thin conductor insulation protective layer, effectively eliminate the noise modulation distortion (NMD Noise, Modulation Distortion), the maximum amplitude reduces the distributed capacitance and inductance wire, greatly broadens the range of frequency response, the audio signal transmission losses to a minimum, avoiding the amplitude attenuation and phase shift caused by the distortion. Make the sound of the background more quiet, more accurate focus of the sound, the dynamic range can be maintained better. Outer Phi also uses a new high degree of flexibility in the soft flame retardant PVC sheath to make the line more soft and comfortable. Specially equipped with the plug for the gold package oxygen free copper insert PIN, effectively enhance the sound of the analytical power, the level of sense and dynamic range.