Bada SP-250 Audio Power Cable EUR Schuko Plug 1.8 Meter

Bada SP-250 Audio Power Cable EUR Schuko Plug 1.8 Meter
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Product Model: Bada SP-250
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SP-250 power cord, using high quality European standard power plug, the power supply, safety and durability. Each pole power line by line woven into six groups, each group is composed of a thick line plus 13 0.5 0.2 thread woven into each copper lines are high-purity (5N) oxygen-free copper, so the structure may ensure that cross-sectional area and the surface area of the power supply lines are larger (total area of 3.6 mm2), uniform current distribution, each frequency signal resistance are very small, can provide clean energy for the equipment quickly, coupled with flame retardant insulation layer forming. In the power line is also added with shield, good anti-interference and filtering effect, the music signal clean and smooth. Outermost Piga power line are modified and web protection, sophisticated technology, beautiful and practical.