Psvane T-417 300B-T Reference Tube Pre-amplifier and Headphone Amp

Psvane T-417 300B-T Reference Tube Pre-amplifier and Headphone Amp
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Very clean and well maintained PSVANE T-417 Reference Tube Pre-amplifier and Headphone Amp with upgraded power tubes, a pair of Shuguang Treasure 300B-Z,
Other tubes are a pair of upgraded RAYTHEON JAN-5842's, a Psvane 12AX7 and a GE5670.
Wonderful sounding, excellent extension in both the bass and higher frequencies, this is a pre-amp that is truly deserving of the title 'Reference'!!!

This unit consists of two parts: amplification and power. The enlarged part is amplified by 1/255670, and the two 5842 are respectively output. The output has 600 ohm balanced output and unbalanced output. The balanced output uses a cassette socket and the unbalanced output uses an RCA socket. The power supply section has a 300B for high voltage rectification, and a 300B and a 12AX7 form a high voltage regulator. The power and amplification sections are connected by aviation plugs and cables. This set of pre-stages is used in high-end audio systems with strict matching requirements. It is recommended that the user select the T845 post-amplifier that the company is equipped with the machine. We have optimized the matching of the machine to make the machine perform better. 

Balanced and RCA Single ended Outputs and 2 RCA Inputs.

T417 specifications:

  • Separate power supply from the preamp output stage - minimize internal noise to the output
  • Pure signal chain for highest sound quality - no remote control circuit is used in this model
  • Vacuunm tube rectification and vacuum tube voltage regulation
  • (2) pairs of gold coated RCA inputs
  • (1) pair of gold coated RCA output and (1) pair of XLR output
  • (1) Headphone output - 600ohm impedance matching
  • Connection power cable from power supply section to output stage is provided
  • 1/2" German aluminum top plate on both power supply and output stage
  • Custom hand wound special transformers for North American 120V power supply
  • Stainless steel transformer cover for quick heat dissipation
  • No visible screws from the top of the amplifier and power supply
  • High end tubes used throughout: stock tubes include (2) Psvane 300B-T; (1) Psvane 12AX7-T; (1) Chinese military 6N3 (substitute model include 5670 and 396A) ; (2) Chinese military grade 6C16 (substitute model include 417A and 5842)
  • Custom silver foil capacitors and silver signal wires used at key points
  • Input impedance: 100k ohm
  • Input sensitivity: 350mV
  • Output voltage: 12V at 1% THD
  • Output impedance: 600 ohm
  • Frequency response: 5Hz - 35kHz, -1dB
  • THD: <=0.1% (RMS 2.5V)
  • S/N Ratio: 89 dB
  • Power InNet weight: amplifier section - 10.5kg / 23 lbs; power supply section: 15kg / 33 lbs
  • Size: amplifier section - 17" W x 7" H x 11" D; power supply section: 17" W x 8.25" H x 11" D



Psvane T-417 300B-T Reference Tube Pre-amplifier and Headphone Amp

Psvane T-417 300B-T Reference Tube Pre-amplifier and Headphone Amp