YarLand Hifi Power Filter Socket 8 Groups

YarLand Hifi Power Filter Socket 8 Groups
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Product Declaration
1. YarLand fever-power plug, divided into eight power outlets, of which 4 after purification purification (million socket), 4 without filtering (two of which are American Standard socket, two for the 000 socket); With LCD voltage display, can accurately display the voltage. Switchgear with a switch, the equipment can be turned off when not in use, no pulling.
2. Before use, please put a white protective cover on the socket.
3. Please note that although the filter has a clean power, filtering out the role of clutter, but also likely to cause compression dynamics, so 4-way filter with the socket should not be used for amplifiers, can be used for audio (CD machine, decoder, etc.) The non-filtered sockets are available for amplifiers.
4. YarLand socket are made of pure silver + silver, effective shielding electromagnetic interference, excellent quality, to your HI-FI equipment to provide pure high-quality power!
5. Input / Output 100V to 240V supply voltage.
6. Full copper raw materials From input to output / The Point to point connection / Four sockets Direct output / Four sockets filter.