Tubo de vacío de alta gama LINLAI E-101D/E-101D Reemplace el valor del tubo electrónico WE101D Par combinado

Tubo de vacío de alta gama LINLAI E-101D/E-101D Reemplace el valor del tubo electrónico WE101D Par combinado
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LINLAITUBE Elite Series E-101D Hi-end Vacuum Tube Replace WE101D Electronic tube value Matched Pair 100% brand new

this tube have two model: 1. E-101D ​solid core screen ( with four same pins) 2. E-101D net screen ( 2 thicker & 2 thinner pins )

also all the tubes is provide matched pair, matched quad an matched six




E-101D ​solid core screen ( with four same pins)

LINLAITUBE Elite Series E-101D Hi-end Vacuum Tube Replace WE101D Electronic tube value Matched PairLINLAITUBE Elite Series E-101D Hi-end Vacuum Tube Replace WE101D Electronic tube value Matched Pair

E-101D net screen ( 2 thicker & 2 thinner pins )

LINLAITUBE Elite Series E-101D Hi-end Vacuum Tube Replace WE101D Electronic tube value Matched PairLINLAITUBE Elite Series E-101D Hi-end Vacuum Tube Replace WE101D Electronic tube value Matched PairLINLAITUBE Elite Series E-101D Hi-end Vacuum Tube Replace WE101D Electronic tube value Matched Pair


Lin Laizhiyin's 101D series products fully solve the problems of domestic 101D filament withstand voltage problems of tube evaporation and short life.

Lin Lai E-101D has two types: solid core screen and net screen. E101's structure and product appearance are different, making the sound quality more elegant
Lin Laizhiyin Tube——

Elite Elite tube classics continue their love again!

After a year of meticulous design and detailed preparatory work, the cross-century design concept was finally realized with the support of domestic and foreign counterparts, and Lin Lai Electronic Tube-Elite TUBE was born! The classic renews love again!

"LINLAITUBE" is a newly-built enterprise producing electronic tubes in China. Since the establishment of the factory, we have been standing at a high starting point, high-grade, and high-quality as our tenet, producing various types of bile ducts. Its products are widely used by amplifier manufacturers and are recognized and loved by amplifier enthusiasts.

E-845 E-211, the material uses a new type of metal molybdenum-based alloy carburizing screen (commonly known as metal screen), and adopts a full-fastened solderless connection process, which has extremely high heat dissipation and thermal stability. This special material metal screen E The performance and quality of the series of power tubes exceed the traditional graphite screen products. Compared with the graphite screen, the filament has a strong emission capacity and no pollution. In order to reproduce the magnificence and atmosphere of the sound field, the outer diameter of the glass bulb is enlarged. size. The main parameters of E-845 are measured on the electron tube test scanner imported from Germany: high voltage 1050V, screen current 100mA, screen consumption 100 watt-hour undistorted output power 25w, signal-to-noise ratio 96db, tube white noise 0.01mv.

Recommendation: When used as a single-ended output amplifier as a power tube: adjust the high-voltage 1000 volt screen current to about 65 mA, the screen power consumption is controlled at 60 to 70 watts, the most reasonable, the sound is the best, and the output power is about 16 watts.

After the parameters and aging stability test are completed, E-845 and RCA845 and re-enacted Xidian WE-845 take turns to listen to the sound on the computer. RCA845 only slightly outperforms the rich emotional expression of music. "Maybe there are also psychological factors. "In other aspects, such as the vividness of the tone, the extension of high and low frequencies, the tension and atmosphere of the sound field, and the restoration of details, the E-845 is clearly better. After testing the parameters and listening on the computer, the E-845 is one of the few 845 bile ducts with the highest fidelity and the best tone I have ever heard.

The sound field is magnificent, the solemn and strong sense of music and the positioning of the instrument are very accurate. The E-845E-211 is like a high-end full-frame high-end camera. It captures the scenery of the prairie. It has a wide field of view. , Good depth, accurate positioning of various musical instruments, sufficient and smooth information, good shape of various musical instruments, rich connotation, and good impact. You will not feel the slightest "turbidity" when performing music with E-845 E-211 On the contrary, there is the same feeling of enjoying a "high-definition" live concert. The sound field has no border constraints, permeating an elegant and noble style.


Good penetrating power, euphemistic and true. The brightness is moderate, and there will be no dullness. The texture of the violin is very good, clear, without the slightest burr, agile and smooth, rich in overtones, the aftermath is just right, the flowing water, the strong pine fragrance is very good and exciting. The performance of the triangle iron, touching the bell, gives people a misty and real feeling.


The vocal line is full, the steel positive energy, the homophony is rich, the singer's pitch change and the emotional ups and downs are visible, natural and beautiful, very infectious, strong courage, slightly transparent, and has charming positive energy.


Thick and powerful, although the output is only 18 watts, but pushing my 88 db ten-unit ten-frequency speaker, it should be the reason for the moderate damping coefficient of the tube and it is also very good. The rhythm is strong, clean and tidy, and the intensity is moderate. The cello and bass drum resonance performance is excellent, and the volume is full. The scene is shocking when playing a large dynamic symphony!

E-300B, E-274B, E-2A3 are screens made of permalloy and carburized, with very high purity, stronger electron emission ability and service life, and the tube type adopts the antique "eggplant" shape structure, and , The tube core is suspended in the air and separated from the glass bulb, which effectively avoids vibration and noise. The four poles strengthen the support of the tube core, which is as stable as Mount Tai.

Due to professional work and years of precipitation, I have been in contact with hundreds of brands of 300B and 274B from all over the world, factories, and periods. In the art circle, there may be only 300B and 274B brands, which can be called" "Hundreds of flowers bloom", but there are very few brands that can truly reproduce the essence of Xidian we 300B.

E300B E-274B is far superior to those re-enacted Xiyou we300B and 274B in terms of analysis and flavor. Of course, compared with the original Xidian we300B and 274B 30 years ago, there is still a slight gap in flavor and emotion. But he broke the tradition, like the early morning sun pierced through the clouds and mist to cast a thousand rays of light on the earth, adding a new kind of vitality to the art circle.

If you have to describe it as a beauty, the XD WE300B of the re-engraving series, E-274 B is Xiaojiabiyu, and E-300B can become a royal princess.

E300B E-274B E-2A3 has a wide sound field, euphemistic and pleasant to hear, smooth and flowing, with subtle touches, a lingering aftertaste, a variety of styles, and a good balance. The female voice performed exceptionally well and was charming and innocent. The moist, rich, slightly delicate mid- and high-pitched notes give people a kind of "detachment". The thick and moist is meticulous, the loose bass is fast and accurate, the analysis is first-class, the outline is clear, the texture density is quite high, and the focus is accurate. The interpretation of the violin is crystal clear, the wiping of the strings and bows make people engrossed, the tone is smooth and soft, the strings and piano also have excellent performance, full and clear, when performing classical music, noble and elegant, dignified and refined, rigorous and gorgeous, due to the output Due to the low power, the impact and low-frequency dive are slightly insufficient when playing a large-scale symphony, but due to the good damping coefficient, the win is clean and neat, without the feeling of "spreading".

Several facts about "LINLAITUBE":

1. "LINLAITUBE" is the youngest manufacturer of electronic tubes in China.

2. In this test, the elite tube E series bile ducts for the audition were developed and produced by the company based on high quality, high taste and high taste.

3. In terms of sound and quality, the products of "LINLAITUBE" must be among the bile ducts in the world, with the highest cost performance.

4. Judging from experience and facts, the materials used in the bile duct play a key role in the orientation of the sound, and the appearance of the bile duct also plays a supplementary role in the "icing on the cake".

5. It is undesirable to increase the screen consumption, increase the voltage, and increase the current in the bile duct of the same model to increase the output power.

——Senior audio taster


Lin Laizhiyin Electronic Tube Manufacturer—

Lin Laizhiyin's shocking new work hook series power tube is on the market, who is it?

As we all know, like the bile duct of the same model, the sound of the metal screen is more transparent than that of the graphite screen. The same structure, the process of fixing the filament with a spring, is not as fine and vivid as the process of installing the filament with a hook. This is a fact!

Throughout the current world, the existing and in production 845, 211, 805 bile ducts are basically the installation process of using graphite screen or metal screen and spring hook to fix the filament. The 845, 211, and 805 bile ducts with graphite screen or metal screen and hook filament structure have not yet been seen.

The process of fixing filament by hook is a very complicated and extremely difficult production process. Because of his installation fulcrum and the height of the gap, the width and parallelism of the left and right are very particular. The hardness, resilience, elongation and expansion coefficient of the hook material are also related to metal materials and theoretical mechanics. A little carelessness is a waste, and the yield rate is certainly not exaggerated! Generally, bile ducts of the same model basically use the process of fixing the filament with a spring hook, and the process of installing the filament at the fulcrum of the hook is used for the high-end products. The price of the finished product is far from each other, as much as dozens of times. The reason can be seen and it is reasonable.

"Lin Lai's Voice", the latest development of 845, 211, 805 bile ducts with graphite screen and metal screen plus hook filament, and succeeded in one fell swoop! It is a great gospel for tube amplifier industry and tube amplifier enthusiasts.

845-DG, 211-DG, and 805-DG use traditional graphite screens, with three heat dissipation windows on each side of the screen, which have extremely high heat dissipation and thermal stability, and the electron emission capability and working life are greatly enhanced. And for the first time, the process of fixing the filament with a hook is used to make the filament relax in the working state, and the sound is more transparent and vivid. In order to reproduce the magnificence and atmosphere of the sound field, the outer diameter of the glass bulb was increased, and the top of the glass bulb was supported and fixed by a ring-toothed mica sheet.

In view of the success of the graphite screen hook structure, Lin Laizhiyin developed the 845-U, 211-U, 805-U power tubes of the Ultimate series hook filament, the flagship product of the metal screen, on the basis of the metal screen Elite series. A new type of metal molybdenum-based alloy carburizing screen (commonly known as metal screen) is used, and three heat dissipation windows are added on both sides of the screen to improve heat dissipation and maximize the thermal stability under working conditions. The electron emission capability and working life are also greatly enhanced. Large-diameter glass bulbs and ring-tooth-shaped top mica sheets are also used. The sense of hearing is fresh and elegant.

Experienced players on the 845-DG test and hearing evaluation

Tested with the electron tube test scanner imported from Germany: 1000 volts at high voltage, 80 mA screen current, 80 watt-hour screen consumption. Main parameters: Distortion> 1%: output power 20 watts, signal-to-noise ratio 97db, tube white noise 0.01 Milli v.

Suggestion: when using single-ended output power tube: select 950-1000v for screen voltage, adjust screen current to 60 to 70 mA, control screen power consumption at about 60 to 70 watts, load impedance 5k-7k is the most reasonable, and the sound is the best , The output power is about 16 watts. After the parameter measurement is completed and the aging is stable for 48 hours, the 845 bile duct of the new hook filament is compared with other high-end 845s. Although there is basically no difference between the parameters of the hook filament and the spring hanging filament on the instrument, the sound But there is a world of difference. Only then can you understand what is called "beauty salon plastic surgery" and what is called "natural beauty"! Although the traditional 845 bile duct is different in tone and sense of hearing, perhaps the "body" will be gorgeous, but the feeling is all the gorgeousness of the "facelift". As soon as the 845-DG of the hook filament comes on stage, it gives people a real, elegant, real, amiable, and refined atmosphere. Fresh, quiet and natural beauty, accurate notes, one-by-one playing technique, it seems to be vividly visible, the reverberations and overtones that come to an end, the calm playing style is breathtaking! If it is said that the traditional old 845 generally has the low frequency too stable, the mid-frequency line is slightly less positive and the high frequency is slightly "introverted", it will be swept away by this 845. Many tube amplifier enthusiasts like the unique mid-to-high frequencies of 300B and WE212 with "squeaky" and "squeaky" sounds. This 845 is better than that, but it adds a mature, stable, and pleasant charm to people. Can't stop. Moreover, the 300B low-frequency foot is soft, the frequency distribution is uneven, and the criticism of lack of confidence has been swept away from him! It can be considered that the sound of the 845 bile duct is very similar to that of the 300B, but the bloodline is filled with the stability, atmosphere, and noble temperament of the royal family, which is more durable than the 300B and WE212.

After passing the 845 test parameters of this model of metal screen hook filament and comparing it on the machine, my personal conclusion is: this is the best one I have heard of all the various models of 845. In particular, enthusiasts who like to play 300B and WE212 bile ducts can finally find an ideal sound path.

——Mr. Huang (senior engineer, senior audio appraiser, chief engineer of a famous foreign audio company)

The launch of Lin Laizhiyin's hook series power tubes will completely change the cognition of 845, 211, 805 power tubes among fans! People-friendly prices, stable quality, luxurious listening, and high-quality after-sales services are Lin Laizhiyin's commitment to the market! It's so manageable, it's worth having!

Changsha Qiangsheng Electric Light Source Co., Ltd. (Lin Laizhiyin Electronic Tube)