Xiangsheng DAC-01B USB/Coaxial/Fiber Digital Audio Decoder Headphone Amplifier

Xiangsheng DAC-01B USB/Coaxial/Fiber Digital Audio Decoder Headphone Amplifier

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1. The machine has three signal input switch: coaxial, optical fiber, USB.
2. The machine has two stereo RCA unbalanced output: convenient with different output levels of the amplifier.
3. The main amplifier board with double-panel design, production of fine.
4. This machine is also designed with headphone amplifier output, the circuit reference to the classic lines, the use of integrated op amp + discrete pieces of power in the form of tube expansion, the last stage of amperage amplifiers using emitter follower, because the push headphones, Like the power amplifier that requires a lot of current, so the emitter resistance value does not have to be small, so you can increase the final feedback, reduce distortion and improve stability. And add Joubert network, to prevent high-frequency self-oscillation.
5. In order to protect the headphones, plus the output resistance and output capacitance, in order to ensure a sense of hearing, the use of large capacity electrolytic parallel small capacity monolithic capacitor method, so that low-end high-end signal coupling smooth.
6. With a variety of headphones actual audition, the driving force is very good, structured, clear details, good strength, upgrade the op amp will be improved, to play the machine to send Shaoyou provides an upgrade space.
7. this machine headphone push and isolation buffer adopts National Semiconductor LF353N (field effect input dual op amp, warm and delicate), and NE5532 op amp and said four name op amp. You can upgrade their own higher fever op amp.
8. The machine resistors, capacitors are used high-quality discrete components of fever assembly, so that sound quality can be guaranteed, but also easy to replace the motor components.To ensure a pure sound quality, high resolution, small sound, wide sound field advantages.
9. knob and buttons are used metal knobs and buttons.
10. digital part and analog part of the independent rectifier filter regulator power supply to reduce interference. Using E cattle power supply, high-quality silicon steel sheet and electrolytic copper wire wound system.
11. volume potentiometer used in Taiwan.
12. Line output RCA, coaxial ports are gold-plated processing, reduce contact resistance.

Frequency Response: 20Hz-30kHz +/-1dB
S/N Ratio: Transistor – 96dB;Tube – 90 dB
This DAC supports 16bit, 20bit and 24 bit audio depending on source.
Sampling Frequency: 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz, depending on source.
Output voltage: > 2000 mV(Identical with standard hifi CD player)
Dynamic Range: 117 dB
Input impedance: Analog 100K ohm, Digital 75ohm
Output impedance: 600 ohm
Headphone output impedance:32-600ohm
Earphone amplifier output power: 1000mW - 300 mW
Maximum Output:1000mW x 2 (32ohm), 500mW x 2 (300ohm), 300mW x 2 (600ohm)
THD: Transistor output <= 0.001%;Tube output <= 0.1%
Working Temperature: 5-40 Degree Celsius
Working Humidity: 35-80%
Net weight: 1.7kg
Input voltage: 110V-230V/50Hz60Hz swith voltage power supply
Color of front panel : Silver & Black