Little Dot MK9 6080 Tube OCL Tube Stereo Headphone Amplifier

Little Dot MK9 6080 Tube OCL Tube Stereo Headphone Amplifier

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Little Dot MK9 is that uses a electronic tube as a headphone amplifier. It uses 3 tubes (before: 6N9P, after class: 6080*2) were used as two stereo left and right channel amplifier. The input signal is the audio signal from the CD player or decoder, an amplified output signal used to drive headphones. The machine also has a road as a RCA signal output by the first stage, supply other amplifier as before use.

MK9 uses tube amplification circuit in the electronic is relatively rare in the SEPP single ended push-pull, OCL no output capacitor direct coupled power amplifier circuit.
The circuit output dynamic than the cathode output generally large (undistorted swing: 30Vp-p), due to the cancellation of the output capacitance, low frequency response can dive deeper, more solid, soprano Alto can be more transparent.
But in order to make the circuit in the case of direct coupled DC level is zero, need symmetrical supply complex. In order to stabilize the operation of the circuit, and the machine also adopts a "zero servo tracking circuit". In order to ensure the safety of the output load, relay protection circuit and output protection special chip.
The machine output tube uses a new production of the United States of America RCA company 50 years Antique Tube (ONS), is one of the best sound similar tube in the world.

Input terminal: a group of RCA
Output terminal:A group of A. RCA (pre amplifier with);B. a 6.35 earphone socket.
Frequency response: 12HZ---100KHZ (-1dB)
Distortion: 0.05% (300 ohm, 80 mW)
The maximum output power of :A. 300 mw (600/300 ohm);B. 350 mw ( 120 ohm);C. 250 MW (32 Ohm)
Output impedance: 32 ohm - 600 ohm
Voltage: 110V or 220V (user specified)
Power consumption: 80 VA
Size: 300 (deep) X220 (W) X150 (high) mm
Weight: 4 Kg