LITE DAC-72 Hifi Decoder PCM1702*2 Tube Output Hifi DAC

LITE DAC-72 Hifi Decoder PCM1702*2 Tube Output Hifi DAC

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DAC72 chip with the CD heyday of the most acclaimed PCM1702, and THETA DSP BASIC for the same product, the chip has a stable, durable and beautiful voice, high resolving power advantages. The DAC 72 can accept signals from 44.1 kHz to 96 kHz. Can accept the equivalent of DVD AUDIO quality, can be completely with the highest level of CD turntable or frequency booster used in conjunction with. (Panel with black / white) Weight 4.2KG, excluding packaging.


Circuit architecture, the digital part of the most trusted use of 96kHz receiver, model CS8414, with external high-precision oscillator, so JITTER to a minimum, to ensure the purity of music. With the DF1704, and finally into the decoder chip PCM1702, the whole design are used on the market the best quality chips, similar specifications with the product, priced at least several times more DAC72. The analog part is another highlight of this model, the first is to abandon the use of cheap OP IC do LPF (low-pass filter), and the use of vacuum tubes to do the output components, to avoid the impact of IC, but also to avoid the use of large negative feedback, Resulting in loss of detail. Line structure to do two SRP 6DJ8 connected output, the output amplitude is large, S / N ratio is extremely high, while a low output impedance characteristics, more importantly, the entire analog signal output is entirely a simple vacuum tube processing, without any trace Crystal or IC components, to ensure that the sound has the top and equipment of the "sweet, smooth, smooth, smooth," the four major characteristics. In addition to the above, a variety of audio tonic level components are everywhere. Such as ELNA precision ceramic FOR AUDIO electrolytic capacitor, DALE military resistance resistance and other components, even the slightest are spared.

Power supply is great articles, analog and digital alone using a high-performance R-type transformer and electromagnetic shielding. Each chip has an independent set of power supply lines. The analog part of the regulator with a precision control system to ensure that pure noise-free DC supply.

Size / Material: Steel case length 405mm x depth 290mm x height 100mm (including feet high).
Aluminum panel (thickness 10mm x length 430mm x height 80mm).
Gross weight: 9kg
Vacuum Tube Model: 6DJ8 * 2 (or 6922, ECC88 and so the same tube)
Warranty period: one year. Please save the warranty card, to avoid damage or loss, to ensure that your warranty rights.
Use of power: 220V / 50Hz-400Hz (another 110V of the export models)
Accessories: Power cord.