Lite Audio LS69 6922*4 Tube Preamp Full Balanced XLR With Remote

Lite Audio LS69 6922*4 Tube Preamp Full Balanced XLR With Remote

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Intput: 3 groups RCA(ver remote)/2 groups RCA(ver hand), 1 groups of balanced(XLR)
Output: 1 groups of RCA, 1 groups of balanced (XLR)
Motherboard Tube: 12Au7 × 2, 6922 (6DJ8) × 2
Power PCB: Quad FET output adjustment, High output with delay function, with 4 groups Filament voltage regulator, Filament voltage adjustable from 6.3V ~ 15V.
Aluminum panel chassis
Dimension: 430mm (W) x 100mm (H) x 330mm (D)
Net Weight: 8 kg
Gross Weight: 9kg
Power Supply Voltage: AC 100V - 240V / 50Hz-60Hz

The output stage with 6DJ8 as the cathode output
The first level voltage amplification 12AU7 common cathode enlarge
FET using a constant current source to do the first stage of the cathode constant can be single-ended and balanced inputs / outputs.
Sound very natural, full-field sense!

Lite Audio LS60 tube preamp with similar AUDIO RESEARCH (USA ARC) of the active load technology,
K373 FET using a vacuum tube as active load,
It achievements of the pre-line is simple, high-bandwidth, high dynamic.
Lite Audio LS60 tube preamp with a double triode characteristic,
The same can be done with an original two-channel amplifier, respectively,
Make positive and negative phase line almost no distance,
Feature also can be very close.
Simple lines, Coupled with active load concept, It makes the sound quality unparalleled transparency, sweet.
PCB design is completely symmetrical, the shortest path design principle, positive and negative phase to ensure that there is no phase difference.