G&W TW-01D Hi-end Power purifier/filter Power Socket HiFi Audio Dedicated New

G&W TW-01D Hi-end Power purifier/filter Power Socket HiFi Audio Dedicated New

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1.using the "goods" - shaped copper universal socket 4, socket 4 American Standard.
2.Germany imported WIMA or Sweden RIFA high capacitance and oxygen free copper wire Rao made of Japan's current type FDK large diameter inductance coil
3.Japanese Hitachi or Mitsubishi Co production of 4N oxygen free copper single core copper wire, with 70UM double-sided large current printed circuit board
4.using advanced digital voltage meter display, simple and intuitive. Automatic air protection power switch, with anti lightning protection.
5.Earth to display correctly, the power phase correctly display.

1.pay attention to the current flow of the order, before and after class two, grade audio socket, the first stage effect and sound reduction, improving resolution. Also provided through the socket (without filtering), to meet the different needs.
2.the current channel and filter coil cross-sectional area as much as possible, the use of high-quality and high purity copper wire to reduce transmission losses, improve the supply speed of energy.
3.professional level of power socket, copper thick, good elasticity, tight contact, a current mirror and to reduce the loss of contact, which is an important guarantee for good quality.
4.the use of the power supply can be replaced, at any time can be upgraded by their own personality.
5.with lightning protection and over current protection device, the use of safety.

rated voltage: ~220V/50Hz (maximum operating voltage of AC270V)
Maximum load power: 3300W
Max current: 15A (peak current 20A)
Overall size: (long X wide X high) 350X150X10MM
Weight: 3KG

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