GUSTARD DAC-X12 Hifi ES9018 XMOS Balance DAC 32Bit/384KHz DSD DOP Decoder

GUSTARD DAC-X12 Hifi ES9018 XMOS Balance DAC 32Bit/384KHz DSD DOP Decoder

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Gustard ES9018 DAC-X12 soft control decoder XMOS balanced program interface supports full hardware decoding support DOP DSD decoding USB support 384K

Foregoing: Costa Germany is among the first to develop applications ESS9018 chip products. 2012 launch of the DAC-X10 by the majority of users, sales are ahead of the same products. The company does not stop there, but has been engaged in research and exploration ESS9018 this chip, and continue with the ESS official exchanges in various aspects of technology, after years of unremitting efforts, we are now on the chip ES9018 cognitive mettle has reached new heights. With years of knowledge and understanding ESS9018 tried numerous times over the years analog mixer, based on the X10, which lasted nearly a year, after a number of adjustments, and finally launched a new DAC-X12. X12 digital circuit is redesigned on the basis of the X10, increased stability and a more humane USB modular daughter card, allowing users to choose products with more choices. The analog line is used is applied to the new flagship models X20 discrete analog line new development.

X12 main chip ESS Technology ES9018 Sabre Reference 32bit chip, with XMOS 32bit / 500MIPS performance digital signal processing unit.

DAC-X12 core chip ES9018, the whole interface supports 24Bit 192khz (USB 32B 384K).
Full interface supports DSD decoding. USB support DSD hardware solution, Coaxial Optical AES / EBU support DOP decoding, can be accessed by the number of broadcast SACD listening to music.
using CPLD programmable logic devices. MESNAC ES9018. Volume can be adjusted, a total of 100 stalls adjustable volume attenuation from 0 to -99DB.
USB sub card with XMOS program, PCM up to 32B 384khz, DSD up to DSD128.
A total of four input methods: optical fiber coaxial port `` AES / EBU`USB, through the key switch.
Use the LCD screen display mode input sampling rate selection filter volume glance .30 seconds without operating the backlight is off, press any key to resume light function.
The power supply uses two sealed cattle, digital simulation independent power supply, and the use of discrete components regulation.
Fully balanced analog line of discrete components. Unbalanced RCA outputs simultaneously.

USB 2.0 interface allows asynchronous playback 1BIT / 2.8224MHz or 5.6448MHz DSD digital signal sampling rate. That is support DSD64 and DSD128. Coaxial Optical AES / EBU support DOP64, SACD playback can be accessed by the number of broadcast music.

The main chip: the ESS Technology ES9018 Sabre Reference 32bit chip is different from traditional sigma-delta D / A converter, ESS Sabre32 Innovative, patented circuit out of the ordinary digital audio system timebase jitter, get a very wide dynamic. range, low distortion and accurate sound field.

Analog circuit is used is the discrete analog line newly developed applied to the new flagship model X20.

CPLD digital shaping technology, where the essence of digital circuit.

High precision temperature compensated crystal oscillator, ensure stable operation of the.

The main filter for the four pyramid NOVER Novartis 10000UF capacitor

Using discrete regulator, the corresponding faster, lower noise, through more current. Multilevel filter circuit, the power supply is more pure and more clean.

Output protection circuit to prevent impact sound

Two custom sealed cattle fever, provide plenty of power for the DAC digital simulation separate power supply, reducing interference middle two switch is 115V-230V regulator suitable for international voltages

USB sub card: using XMOS used in professional audio field of X-CORE digital signal processing unit, which has a powerful processing capabilities, is by far the industry's most advanced digital audio solutions. USB Audio Class 2.0 implements asynchronous transfer playback, and supports low latency ASIO, KS and other professional audio software interface, support for Windows and Mac operating systems.

IIS Definition:

DAC Specifications:
ESS Technology ES9018 Sabre Reference 32-bit DAC
8 mono to 2 stereo configuration,four D/A converters per channel

Digital Input:
PCM:16-24bit /44.1、48、88.2、96、176.4、192 kHz

PCM:16-24bit /44.1、48、88.2、96、176.4、192 kHz

PCM:16-24bit /44.1、48、88.2、96、176.4、192 kHz

PCM:16-32bit /44.1、48、88.2、96、176.4、192 、352.8、384kHz
USB: 16-32bit / 44.1、48、88.2、96、176.4、192、352.8、384 kHz

Analog output:
RCA output level: 2.5 Vrms @ 0dBFS
XLR Output Level: 5 Vrms @ 0dBFS (XLR interface definition: 1 to 2 hot, 3 cold)
Frequency response of: 20-20K Hz +/- 0.15dB

Power requirements:
Power Supply: AC 230V 50 / 60Hz (AC 115V 50 / 60Hz)
Power consumption: < 25W

Machine size (not including protruding parts):313 * 190 * 70mm
Packing dimensions: 385 * 280 * 150mm
Gross Weight: 5KG