BaDa Reference 1122 US Power Filter Plant socket Outlet

BaDa Reference 1122 US Power Filter Plant socket Outlet

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Bada latest launched a "reference" American speaker dedicated power supply, stable appearance, exquisite, very good anti-seismic and anti interference ability and close contact, so the power supply is smooth and no clutter. Of high-grade equipment quality upgrade is extremely obvious, low-frequency quite solid and has the bounce force, due to the very stable performance of low frequency, and the sound field clear, rich details of the piano, music, reduction of the ascension of the whole.

1. Supply base is the thick aluminum alloy as the material, with high precision CNC computer lathe, dug through the cutting and Xian, thick aluminum brick processing into integration of the base of the box body cover panel is the thickness of 8mm aluminum finish machining and. Up and down with very close. Silver fine sand base with bright black drawing on the cover panel, is noble and precision, on both sides of the base is processed with an arc notch, both decorative and convenient move and humanization design.
2 the base plate and the panel are tightly combined, the thick inner wall forms a good resonant cavity, which has the function of absorbing high frequency clutter. The thick airtight aluminum alloy box is a good electric field shield, which can not only suppress the inner electric field diffusion radiation, but also eliminate the interference of the external electric field.
3 box is very calm, so that the power cord plug contact is very tight, can withstand any mechanical shock, so that the equipment is more secure, less clutter interference.
4 the supply of materials selected, the power input plug is used in high-end audio name products, the use of high-tech frozen gold plating process, the sound is very delicate and precise. The output socket of the power supply is also made of gold-plated products, five-star single crystal copper wire for internal connection wire, the current transfer process miscellaneous wave of small, neat. Can fully play the potential of the equipment, the voice of pure nature, large dynamic music to show
The feeder is equipped with cushions, without the use of foot binding, the damping effect is particularly good
Net weight: 2.3kg size: 235X108X55 (mm)

Safety Notice:
1 the supply device is not provided with a power switch and an overcurrent protection device, in order to use electric safety, the power supply system must be connected to a power supply system with an electric leakage switch and an overcurrent protection device!
2 when the equipment is not in use, please turn off the power switch on all the equipment, which is both safe and environmental protection.

Can be widely used in the test room, HD theater, precision instruments, concert halls and other places.