BaDa LB-3300 Audio Dedicated power supply filter

BaDa LB-3300 Audio Dedicated power supply filter

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As we all know, with the rapid development of digital technology, the application of digital electrical equipment is more and more widely, it brings great convenience to people's work and life, but at the same time, it also brings more serious interference to the power grid. Daily household appliances will not have any adverse impact on these digital interference, but for the sound, it will make the sound quality. Background blurred, positioning is not clear, a set of advanced audio more sensitive, so that the sound quality is greatly reduced, the use of power filter to improve the quality of the sound is an indisputable fact. But sometimes improper use, it will appear slow speed, the strength of the shortcomings, so the power filter circuit design and materials must be rigorous and reasonable. LB-3300 octopus of the design not only considers filter factors, but also will filter the sound quality effect of reduced to minimum, to enhance the sound quality.

1.Pay attention to the direction of current order, before the class, source and two sockets, after reducing the level to the front stage and the sound source effects, improve resolution. Also has a set of through the socket (without filtering), to meet the different needs.
2.the current channel and the filter coil section area as far as possible, the use of high quality and high purity copper wire, to reduce transmission loss, improve the speed of the supply of energy.
3.The professional level power socket, thick copper, good elasticity, close contact, have to pay to reduce the contact current mirror and loss, which is quality good is important assure.
WIMA- MKP10 4 uses advanced capacitor filter, transparent soft music, good sound field.
5.can be replaced by the power line, at any time can be upgraded according to their own personality.
6.with lightning protection and over current protection devices, the use of safety.

Rated voltage: ~220V/50Hz
Maximum load power: 2500W
Max current: 10A
Overall size: (wide X high X depth) 127X56X349