China Audiophile FM 255 MKII Preamplifier Preamp Balanced Preamplifier BLOCK transformer & Remote

China Audiophile FM 255 MKII Preamplifier Preamp Balanced Preamplifier BLOCK transformer & Remote
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It is the latest version of 2021, with better optimization and better sound

it with the remote control and with BLOCK transformer

This preamplifier circuit perfect FM255, and after strict testing pairing, the material is also infinitely close to the original preamplifier, perfect sound quality. Transformer is imported NORATEL, noise is very low. The latest version can be upgraded to the German Block transformer, which is more perfect.

Replace the integrated power cord with a power socket, 1 group of RCA output is invalid.

Input voltage: 110V and 220V can be switched freely.

Signal input: 2 groups of XLR and 3 groups of RCA.

Signal output: 1 group of XLR and 1 group of RCA.


Input and output fully balanced line preamplifier
●Gain/maximum input level/input impedance: 20DB / 9V / 67-100-150Keiomega
●Maximum output level/recommended load impedance: 19.5V / 600Omu
●(Phase line, stereo): balanced (XLR) × 2, single-ended (RCA) X3
●With input and output (stereo): single-ended (RCA) X1
●Output (stereo): balanced (XLR) X1 with single-ended output option
●Power: 30W AC, 110/220V 50/60Hz
●Power consumption: 10W
●Outline size: 446 W×92 H×280 D mm

Technical Parameter

Frequency response range0.5hz-150khz+0.-3dB

Total harmonic distortion0.00560%20hz-20khz


Dynamic range115dB

Channel separation: 105dB (20HZ-20KHZ)

The output voltage is 18.6V/10K (XLR)

Fuse: 0.5A

Size: 450*265*70mm

Weight: 7 kg

China Audiophile FM255/FM255 MKII Pre-amplifier Pre Amp  Balanced Preamplifier